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The successful Exchange
17-18 February, 2015

The 22nd Exchange of Inventions took place at Copernicus Science Centre venue on 17th and 18th February, 2015. Military University of Technology presented selected inventions, developed by science and research teams, awarded with medals at world innovations exhibitions in 2014.

The exhibition was organized by Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers in cooperation with Eurobusiness Haller company, under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Main Council of Research Institutes, Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, Polish Patent Office and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The main aim of the exhibition was to promote achievements and international successes of the research units as well as to increase entrepreneurs’ interest in Polish science and technical solutions and innovative products. The other aim of the exhibition was also to honour the medallists of the innovation fairs for their international successes. The exhibition presented products and advanced technologies both in the research and implementation process and ready to implement and commercialization.

The 22nd Exchange of Innovations was participated by the representatives of academic research environments, research institutes, private companies, students, Ph.D. students as well as the representatives of the industry, whose innovative solutions were awarded with medals and other distinctions at world innovation exhibitions organized in 2014 in, among others, Geneva, Nuremberg, Brussels, Seoul, Taipei, Sevastopol and Kuala Lumpur, and thus gained international attention and recognition. In total, there were presented 152 solutions awarded at innovation exhibitions in 2014.

It is worth pointing out that, in 2014, Polish exhibitors won 620 awards during 21 international innovation fairs and exhibitions, including: 5 Grand Prix awards, 91 gold medal with special distinction, 136 gold medals, 149 silver medals and 89 bronze medals.

On the first day of the event, there took place a ceremony of giving the diplomas of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to the prize-winners of innovation fairs and exhibitions in 2014. For awarding a gold medal with distinction or a gold medal, the following innovators from Military University of Technology were given a diploma of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, a statue of by Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, and PRO INVENTIO Foundation:

  • Maj., Ph.D., Eng., Mariusz Chmielewski, Marcin Kukiełka, Jakub Kędzior, Rafał Wołoszyn, Damian Rainko for PATRON (Parkinson’s Assistance Toolkit Rapidly Obviating Neuro-errors) - ICT system for supporting conducting clinical tests on neurological medicines for Parkinson’s disease,
  • Gen. Brig., Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Zygmunt Mierczyk; Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda; Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Adam Kawalec; Lt Col, Ph.D., Eng.. Robert Panowicz for Active Protection System ,
  • Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Jerzy Gawinecki with a team of researchers from the Institute of Mathematics and Cryptology WCY WAT, West Pomeranian University of Technology and Unizeto Technologies S.A. for Mobile device for classified information protection ,
  • Maj., Ph.D., Eng., Mariusz Chmielewski, Damian Frąszczak, Dawid Bugajewski, Ernest Szczepaniak, Rafał Wołoszyn, Damian Tomaszewski for TESLA system (Teachable Environment for Sign Language Assistance), i.e. innovative mobile app allowing the deaf and dumb to recognise gestures and sign language with the use of fusion of data coming from multichannel surface electromyography and inertial sensors,
  • Maj., Ph.D., Eng., Rafał Kasprzyk, Krzysztof Szkólka, Paweł Gietkowski, Tomasz Polawski, Mariusz Pyzanowski for CART (Creative Application to Remedy Traffics) – simulation system for supporting the decision-making process.

The inventions from Military University of Technology awarded at the 22nd Exchange of Innovations have been described in detail in January2015 issue of “Głos Akademicki”.



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