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Receptive to Science – cooperation with Thales company
12th January 2015

On 12th January 2015, in Warsaw, a cooperation agreement between Thales company and Military University of Technology was signed. The agreement provides for mutual science and research activity. Its scope will involve projects concerning, among others, space and satellite subjects. Cooperation with Military University of Technology will enhance an innovative development direction of Thales company and support development of Polish technological potential.

The agreement will enable educational cooperation, consisting in staff improvement and training local talents, as well as science and research cooperation. Mutual projects provide for a broad scopes of activities: science consultations, experience exchange, organisation of common trainings, conferences or science meetings both in Poland and abroad.

“We focus on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with academic centres all over the world. The opportunity to cooperate with Military University of Technology is for us an honour as well as natural continuation of company policy, consisting in implementation of innovative technological projects together with the best research laboratories and universities in the world” – emphasises the president of Thales Polska, Paweł Piotrowski.

Cooperation with academic environment is a priority for Thales company which invests 20% of its income into research and development programmes every year, cooperating with research centres in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

“I am really glad that declarations from the most important representatives of our countries made last year during International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce culminates during the today’s celebration .the signed agreement on cooperation with Thales Polska, a part of the world-renowned and worldwide concern, is a strategic achievement for Military University of Technology. It provides an opportunity of cooperation and access to the world-class achievements in the areas convergent to the science and research profile of our university and our aspirations related to development of broadly defined security, defence and space technologies” said the Rector-Commander of Military University of Technology, Gen. Brig., Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Zygmunt Mierczyk.

The agreement is also a next step of Thales company in expanding its presence on the Polish market and involvement in the development of space sector in Poland.

“Cooperation with Military University of Technology will also concern project from the sector of space and satellite technologies. We are ready to support Poland in creating its own components and solutions in this field” – added Paweł Piotrowski.

Information on THALES

Tales is a world technological leader on the aviation, space, transport, defence and security market. In 2013, the company reached income of 14.2 billion Euros, employing 65000 people in 56 countries. Thanks to 25000 engineers and research, Thales has a unique ability to design, create and implement devices, systems and services which satisfy the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international experience. It operates all over the world cooperating with customers and local partners.



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