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Innovative wagon and intermodal transport system as an offer of Military University of Technology at “Trans – Poland” Expo XXI Exhibition

Warsaw International Transport and Logistics Exhibition “Trans – Poland” was held at the Expo XXI Centre in Warsaw from 26th to 28th November 2013. The honorary patronage of the Exhibition was provided by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Marine Economy. The organisers of the venture were Lentewenc LLC and ITE Group PLC as well as substantive partners, including PKP Cargo Logistics, The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, and numerous Polish and overseas institutional partners. The subject of the exhibition involved first of all intermodal transport, including the problems of: transport of semitrailers, vehicles and containers, the importance of transporters and transport rolling stock, loading equipment, ports and terminals. The displays concerned also road, railway, maritime and air transport. They also took up a broadly defined subject of logistics and forwarding services both in Poland and overseas.

Military University of Technology was represented at the Exhibition by the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Exhibition was a perfect occasion to present and promote a project, led by the team of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, concerned a wagon for with a low-floor rotating loading platform for intermodal transport. The presented wagon enables easy and fast independent loading, and then transport and independent unloading of the lorry type trucks semitrailers without the necessity of investment into the development of additional infrastructure on the railway platform. During three days of the exhibition, the Department stand, on which a 1:14 wagon model was presented and lorry loading and unloading operations were demonstrated, enjoyed the interest among both the visitors and the exhibitors. There were taken up interesting discussions on structure, mechanism of operation and the plans for the future. The Exhibition resulted in establishing contacts with the representatives of Polish and overseas companies and enterprises as well as promoted and brought closer the structure of the wagon with a rotating loading platform and an innovative system for combined transport to a large group of visitors and representatives.

The displays during Expo XXI Exhibition were accompanied by conferences, seminars, discussion forum and business meetings. On the second day of the Exhibition, 27.11.2013, Cluster Interdisciplinary Partnership for Innovative Development of Transport and Infrastructure (Science and Industry Centre) organised a full-day conference titled INTERMODAL 2014; Opportunities and barriers of development of intermodal transport in Poland – from competition to cooperation. The conference was attended also by the employees of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda and Ph.D., Eng., Wiesław Krasoń delivered the paper on “Innovative technical solutions of wagon – new opportunities of intermodal transport”. The speech received a great interest from the conference participants and was an opportunity to take up a discussion on the reality and possibility of fast innovative implementation of the system proposed by Military University of Technology.


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