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Scientists from Military University of Technology appreciated
11-12 lutego 2014 r.

The 21st Exchange of Inventions awarded at world innovations exhibitions and shows in 2013” took place on 11th and 12th February 2014 at Copernicus Science Centre venue.

The main element of the exhibition – organised by Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, and Eurobusiness-Haller company – was the promotion of achievements and international successes of science units, innovative economic entities and individual inventors as well as honouring the medallists of innovativeness shows for their international successes. At the exchange, there were presented products and advanced technologies in the research and implementation process or ready for implementation and commercialisation.

The exhibition was participated by laureates of the biggest international innovativeness exhibitions which, in 2013, took place in Paris, Brussels, Nurnberg, Seoul, Taipei, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, The United States, Romania, Turkey and Croatia.

It should be added that Polish scientific teams awarded over 600 Grand Prix and gold, silver and bronze medals at all the above mentioned exhibitions in 2013. During the opening of the Exchange, best of the best were honoured with statuettes and diplomas of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education which were given by: the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education - Jacek Guliński, the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Economy - Dariusz Bogdan, the president of Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers – Michał Szota and the president of Eurobiznes-Haller - Barbara Haller.

For outstanding achievements in the field of innovativeness and successes on the international exhibitions as well as for special activity in the field of promotion of innovativeness in the international area in 2013, the group of 10 institution was awarded, including the team of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of Technology, headed by Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda who personally collected a statuette and a diploma. It was not the only distinction collected by Prof. Niezgoda, for more details read below.

Then there were handed statuettes and diplomas as awards of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Prof. Lena Kolarska-Babińska, for science and research teams which awarded Grand Prix in international competition at world exhibitions or gold medals with distinction. The teams from Military University of Technology were in this group. The group of distinguished for outstanding innovative achievements in 2013:

  • a team of inventors: Gen. Brig., Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Zygmunt Mierczyk; Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda; Ph.D., Eng., Danuta Miedzińska; Ph.D., Eng., Grzegorz Sławiński; M.Sc., Eng., Marcin Konarzewski and M.Sc., Eng., Piotr Kędzierski for ”Method of increasing the heat recovery from deep holes” which awarded with a gold medal with distinction at International Warsaw Invention Show,
  • a team of inventors: Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda; D.Sc., Eng., Wiesław Barnat; M.Sc., Eng., Tomasz Wróbel and Ph.D., Eng., Marcin Szczepaniak for “Family of SHIBA special modular vehicles for reconnaissance and road demining” which awarded Grand Prix at the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur,
  • a team of inventors: Maj., Ph.D., Eng., Mariusz Chmielewski; M.Sc., Eng., Bartłomiej Wójtowicz; M.Sc., Eng., Piotr Stąpor; Eng., Mateusz Chrustny; M.Sc., Eng., Witold Matuszewski; MA, Monika Lipińska for development of “SENSE” which awarded Grand Prix at International Innovation Exhibition ARCA in Zagreb.

On behalf of the awarded teams from Military University of Technology, Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda thanked for awards and distinctions. He pointed out that collecting three statuettes for the team headed by himself is an exceptional distinction and encouragement for even better work in the field of innovativeness. He emphasised the role and importance of contribution of Polish Scientists to the development of science. In his speech, he pointed to particular cases of mutual beneficial cooperation of science centres with enterprises, which should be developed and enhanced in order to lead to particular applications of Polish inventions in economic practice. In this case, the solutions which may became an object of patent applications and both national and international patents are of special importance.
It should be also noticed that Military University of Technology presented at the exchange, besides the awarded inventions, numerous interesting inventions by science and research teams, including:

  • “Cryptography using elliptic curves in applications for ICT terminals and IP radio stations designed for work in collision and national network-centric systems” (authors: Prof., D.Sc., Eng., Jerzy Gawinecki; Ph.D., Eng., Piotr Bora and a team of cryptologists from the Institute of Mathematics and Cryptology, Faculty of Cybernetics),
  • “Algorithm of digital correction of depth of field in scanning electron microscopy” (authors: M.Sc., Eng., Małgorzata Bużantowicz and M.Sc., Eng., Witold Bużantowicz from the Faculty of Mechatronics and Aerospace)
  • ”COPE – Common Operational Picture Environment” (authors: Maj., Ph.D., Eng., Rafał Kasprzyk; 2nd Lt., M.Sc., Eng., Marcin Cieślewicz; 2nd Lt., M.Sc.,Eng., Eng.Kamil Krajewski; 2nd Lt., M.Sc., Eng., Artur Stachurski; 2nd Lt., M.Sc., Eng., Marcin Perka)

All works could be seen at Copernicus Science Centre till 12th February 2014 as this year exchanged lasted for only two days. Undoubtedly – as the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Economy Dariusz Bogdan said –the Exchange will contribute integration of inventors environments with entrepreneurs as well as will popularize achievements of Polish inventors whose works are of world-class quality. The assignment of state administration, added the minister, is to support inventors so that their ideas and invention translate as soon as possible into particular implementations, as the development of our country was intelligent.

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