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Blue Gas Project is ours!

We are pleased to inform that The National Centre for Research and Development has announced today the results of 2nd Competition Blue Gas – Polish Shale Gas. The project of Military University of Technology titled Development of guidelines for design of innovative technology of shale gas recovery with the use of liquid CO2 on the base of numerical and experimental research – DIOX4SHELL prepared in the Centre of Advanced Energetic Technologies, Military University of Technology and in the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, under the guidance, in this case, of Prof. Tadeusz Niezgoda and Ph.D., Eng., Danuta Miedzińska was recommended to be financed. Part of consortium is also: PGNiG, AGH University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. The project will be lasted for two years and will result in development of foundations of technology based on the method, developed in Military University of Technology, for fracturing the reserves of Polish shale with liquid CO2.

The concept of the project was based on a Patent Application submitted in Polish Patent Office, P.398228, 24.02.2012 ”Method of conjugated extraction of gas hydrocarbons and CO2 storage in horizontal wellbores” by T. Niezgoda, D. Miedzińska, R. Gieleta, G. Sławiński, A. Derewońko and A. Morka. Let us remind that the object of the invention proposed by Military University of Technology is a method of conjugated extraction of gas hydrocarbons and CO2 storage in horizontal small-diameter wellbores erected in a single vertical wellbore. Extraction is performed through introducing coupled liquid and cooled CO2. Penetration of CO2 into a gas bearing deposit or other rock of a porous structure (initially perforated or not) and its phase transition under the influence of temperature in the deposit causes intensive rock fracture, CO2 adsorption and simultaneous desorption of gas hydrocarbon. The process of recovery of, for example, shale gas takes place through the main vertical wellbore, the same through which the properly prepared CO2 was introduced from the ground. The application of small-diameter side wellbores causes more effective usage of phenomena related to interaction of CO2 in the deposit, what significantly increase the area of extraction. The usage of this method results in extraction of shale gas with the simultaneous possibility of creating underground storages of CO2. The method does not require using water or chemical impurities for replenishing the exploited deposit.

It should be mentioned that only 5 projects, after national and international evaluations, were granted financing in Blue Gas competition. The project of Military University of Technology scored 92,5/100 points.
Read more at:,100896,16082801,Firmy_sypna_pieniedzmi_na_lupki_po_polsku.html

By Danuta Miedzińska

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