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Computer Techniques in Mechanical Engineering – Specialty Day
March 2nd, 2016

On March 2nd, 2016, the employees of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science presented to the students of The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering the advantages of choosing “Computer techniques in Mechanical Engineering“ as their specialty.

At the beginning, Prof D.Sc., Eng., Tadeusz Niezgoda presented the history of the Department as well as its possibilities for education of well-qualified, sought on the labour market, engineers. Next, Ph.D., Eng., Grzegorz Sławiński acquainted the students with the subjects matter and tools both in terms of the equipment for numerical calculations and a basis for experimental research.

Ph.D., Eng., Kamil Sybilski - the coordinator of the Scientific Circle – presented practical advantages of joining our specialty, such as trainings, travels, access to modern machinery and computer software, and , as it was mentioned before, owing to the extensive subject-matter knowledge gained and perfect practical preparation, work in companies, leading in the region, dealing with numerical modelling of phenomena, processes and structures from various fields of industry. The presentation was warmly welcomed.

Students who were at a crossroads of choosing a right specialty some time ago also took the floor. MSc., Eng., Radosław Ciepielewski and Eng. Aleksandra Szafrańska pointed out, in a humorous way, all possible advantages of choosing “Computer techniques in Mechanical Engineering“ specialty convincing, at the same time, that it means not only hours spent in front of the computer screen but also interesting experimental experiences (also in the fire ground) and practical actions in research projects implementation in the Department.

Additionally, students could verify the advantages of a handheld laser scanner 3D, a thermal camera as well as carry out an experiment with the use of a “fast” camera, under supervision of Ph.D., Eng., Paweł Bogysz and MSc. Eng., Michał Stankiewicz, in the Laboratory of Strength of Materials and Constructions in building 34A.


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