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Precious engraving handed to the Rector-Commander of Military University of Technology

We are pleased to inform that on 29th December 2015, representatives of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science – Prof. Tadeusz Niezgoda, D.Sc., Eng., and Grzegorz Sławiński, PhD., Eng., handed to Rector-Commander, prof. Zygmunt Mierczyk, D.Sc., Eng., a special engraving. It was painted on the silk in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and called “Pejzaż 2010” (”Landscape 2010”) to honour the participants of Smolensk Conferences (the details are given below). It is worth noticing that the same painting was handed to the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda and presently can be found in the Presidential Palace.

During the meeting with the Rector, the delegation from the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science discussed the actions, taken in the last years by Prof. Niezgoda’s Team, aiming at credible and professional clarification of the research issues related to the plane crash in Smolensk. It is the only Team which declared its willingness to carry out such works, however some formal requirements should be satisfied. The proposal of that time to accomplish those actions within a research project was not accepted. A detailed standpoint of the Team was presented in former publications including:

  • 2 publications in Nasz Dziennik:
    - „Stawiam na inżynierie odwrotną” (“I count on reverse engineering”), the article of 22nd December 2012, - „Możemy policzyć za Millera” (“We can calculate for Miller), the article of 28th April, 2012;
  • in Gazeta Polska:
    - „Naukowcy z WAT są gotowi pomóc” (”The researchers from Military University of Technology are willing to help”), the article of 25th April, 2012.

As it was mentioned above, the authors of the papers delivered during Smolensk Conferences were honoured by art world with special engravings painted on silk. The celebration took place on 19th December in the auditorium of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology during an annual Christmas meeting of signatories of Smolensk Conferences.

The distinctions were granted by the Honorary and Organizing Committee of the Smolensk Conference. The distinction for employees of the Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of Warsaw, the authors of the paper titled „Problemy modelowania numerycznego zagadnienia zderzeń ciał” (“Difficulties in numerical modelling of a bodies collision problem”) was collected by Prof. Tadeusz Niezgoda, DSc., Eng.; Sebastian Stanisławek, PhD., Eng., and Grzegorz Sławiński, Phd., Eng., (deputising for Andrzej Morka, Phd., Eng., and Paweł Dziewulski, PhD., Eng.).

During four Smolensk Conferences, the authors from Military University of Technology presented also two other papers:

  • „Brzoza smoleńska – aspekty wytrzymałościowe struktury skrzydła samolotu Tu-154” (”Smolensk birch – strength problems of the structure of Tu-154 plane wing”) - Jan Błaszczyk
  • „Zastosowanie inżynierii odwrotnej do procesu modelowania lotniczych konstrukcji cienkościennych” (”Application of reverse engineering to the process of modelling of thin-wall aircraft structures”) - Aleksander Olejnik, Stanisław Kachel, Adam Kozakiewicz

The organizers of Smolensk Conferences aimed at creating a platform to present interdisciplinary research concerning technical, methodological, sociological and legal problems of the plane crash in Smolensk. The researchers from Military University of Technology, while participating in the discussion, were of the opinion that precise analysis of the plane crush of Tu-154 plane is possible only through solid tests carried out under a research project.


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