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Since academic year 2006/2007 Military University of Technology adapted its teaching system to European Union requirements by introducing two-degree studies. First degree studies (BSc) last for 3 years and half including 2 years of general and specific education and one year and half of specific and complementary education. Second degree studies last for a year and half including specific education in whole.

The real changes occurred along with the introduction by the department a new speciality called Computer Technique in Machines Design. It was addressed to the recruitment for MSc studies in 2005 and for the recruitment for BSc studies in 2006. Within the frameworks of this speciality, the workers of the Department conduct the author’s lectures, classes and laboratory duties:

  • Foundations of mechanics of solid body
  • Computer simulation of linear problems in mechanics
  • Theory elasticity
  • Computer modelling of construction and mechanical systems
  • Numerical methods in construction analysis
  • Foundations of calculation of discs, plates and shells
  • Computer simulation of non-linear problems in mechanics
  • Advanced techniques of modelling and simulation
  • English in mechanics of constructions
  • Computer simulation of fatigue problems
  • Experimentally aided for numerical modelling
  • Engineering data bases
  • Computer aided for engineering calculations (CAE)
  • Elements of analytical mechanics
  • Foundations of designing in symbolic language

The speciality name was changed into Computer Techniques in Mechanical Engineering in 2007. Department of Mechanics and Applied Computer Studies offers also Ph.D. studies in the Mechanics discipline. For the 2004-2007 recruitments, they are Individual Ph.D. Studies supported by the academic courses. Since 2008 recruitment, they are third degree studies including lectures and classes.

I. Advanced problems in mathematics
1 Advanced problems in mathematics 1
2 Advanced problems in mathematics 2

II. Advanced knowledge in scientific discipline
1 Advanced problems in elasticity and plasticity theories
2 Fatigue strength
3 Finite elements method
4 Validation of numerical models
5 Advanced problems in physics
6 Advanced methods in experimental mechanics 1
7 Advanced methods in experimental mechanics 2
8 Modern materials and technologies
9 Eligible subject 1

III. Modelling and computer simulation
1 Engineering software CAE
2 Modelling and simulation of solids systems
3 Modelling and simulation of mechanical systems
4 Modelling and simulation of mechanics problems
5 Modelling and simulation of thin-walled stru
6 Modelling and simulation of thermomechanics problems
7 Modelling and simulation of nonlinear problems in mechanics 1
8 Modelling and simulation of nonlinear problems in mechanics 2
9 Eligible subject 2
10 Eligible subject 3

IV. Didactics of university
1 Didactics of university
2 Didactics in mechanics discipline

V. English language
1 English language

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